What is Vegekirei?

Product Features


Long-lasting freshness

A freshness test with Vegekirei demonstrated markedly high freshness-keeping effects on vegetables (lettuce, cabbage, and perilla). Also, deodorant effects were confirmed.


Removal of surface contaminants

Contaminants and residues (e.g., wax and pesticides) on vegetables and fruits can be removed to ensure safety. Since there is no aftertaste from the detergent, cleaned vegetables and fruits can be eaten with the skin.


Eco-friendly ingredients

Vegekirei is a detergent for vegetables and fruits made only from plant fatty acids and water! This eco- and human-friendly product can be used safely because it contains no synthetic surfactants.


Made only from plant fatty acids and water!


A magical detergent to ensure safety for vegetables and fruits!

  • Vegekirei is a next-generation detergent with high detergency and safety (international patent pending). It has markedly high detergency compared to conventional surfactants, allowing 99.9% eradication of microorganisms, including influenza virus and norovirus, also featuring deodorant, antifungal, and antistatic effects, and biodegradation (verified by Kaken Test Center).
  • This human- and animal-friendly product, also called “drinkable detergent,” is safe even if it comes into contact with the skin because it is made from edible plant fatty acids.
  • Residual pesticides are removed from vegetables and fruits with freshness-keeping effects.
  • The product is a safe, eco- and human-friendly detergent for vegetables and is naturally biodegraded within a week. Its high biodegradability has been demonstrated in Japan and overseas (The Japan Association for Inspection and Investigation of Food Including Fats and Oils). Also, the product has obtained a marine environmental certification (overseas agency).
  • Skin irritation tests at dermatologic clinics yielded favorable results in all the patients due to the high safety of the pure plant ingredients. The product has no impact on resins or metals because it is a weakly alkaline product made from natural materials.

Preserve “deliciousness” and “safety”!
Vegekirei has freshness-keeping effects as well as high detergency for vegetables.

Miraculous freshness-keeping effects of Vegekirei

Vegetables and fruits were immersed in 1 liter of water for about 20 minutes with one cap of the detergent. After water removal, they were stored.

Remove pesticides from vegetables purchased at supermarkets ensuring safety! and freshness!

Episode of Vegekirei development

Japan is one of the largest pesticide-consuming countries in the world, with less strict criteria for residual pesticides in vegetables and fruits.
Generally speaking, residual pesticides “do not affect the human body even if consumed daily,” “do not immediately affect health,” and “can be consumed safely in amounts according to the criteria.” However, they are gradually accumulated in the human body over several decades, affecting health.
Malignant tumors (cancer) are the leading cause of death in Japan. Of them, gastric cancer is the most common, followed by colorectal cancer. Clearly, this is explained by dietary habits.
Residual pesticides may cause childhood food allergies and atopy, which were rarely observed in the past.
Unfortunately, vegetables available at Japanese supermarkets today are contaminated with pesticides.
However, we can make efforts to reduce pesticide residues in vegetables.
Thus, we developed a safe detergent to wash vegetables as a healthy lifestyle habit, hoping for improvement of people’s health.

Preserve “deliciousness” and “safety” in vegetables!

Properties of Vegekirei

Vegekirei is a detergent for vegetables developed by farmers growing pesticide-free vegetables to deliver safe foods and a company willing to contribute to the “healthy comfortable growth” of the Earth and all human beings, animals, and plants on the Earth.

Conventional vegetable detergents are synthetic surfactants or chlorine-based solvents, i.e., strongly alkaline products, which cause problems, such as rough skin and odors, in those with sensitive skin.
However, Vegekirei is a weakly alkaline natural product made only from high-quality safe pure plant materials, i.e., plant fatty acids, and water. It is less alkaline than conventional strongly alkaline vegetable detergents. Thus, the product is suitable for cleaning vegetables for consumption and also gentle and safe for the hands and skin.

Although conventional synthetic surfactants may have adverse effects on the environment, Vegekirei is an eco-friendly next-generation detergent, which can be washed away in a kitchen, because it is made from highly safe natural plant materials.

Vegekirei is made from simple ingredients biotechnologically prepared from plant fatty acids, degraded on a nanometer scale (about 8 nm) and activated in water, and water, but has significantly higher detergency than conventional surfactants.

イThe product eradicates 99.9% of various bacteria, as well as influenza virus and norovirus, with deodorant, antifungal, antirust, and antistatic effects, as well as biodegradability, thus providing freshness-keeping effects on vegetables, along with detergency, unlike competitors’ products. Even those who purchase foods in bulk and not every day can feel safe to buy vegetables.

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  • Fragrance-free


The product is a next-generation detergent, deodorant, and disinfectant spray with high detergency and safety, made from natural detergent ingredients prepared by refining plant fatty acids. This eco- and human-friendly product can also be used for cleaning foods.
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  • Fragrance-free


The product is a fruit and vegetable detergent made only from plant fatty acids and water. This eco- and human-friendly product contains no synthetic surfactant. It can remove residual pesticides with sterilizing, deodorant, antifungal, and freshness-keeping effects.
※The product is very popular and currently out of stock. Sales of the product will be resumed immediately after arrival. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

【Handling Precautions】
Store the product in a cool and dark place with sufficient ventilation while avoiding direct sunlight and high temperatures, because of the use of natural materials.
The product may become cloudy or generate a deposit depending on temperature. Since this is caused by harmless soy lecithin, generated on the surface, the product can be used safely.
The product has an odor peculiar to plant fatty acids. It is harmless without any influence on vegetables and fruits.

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